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Funeral Services for Frank Zeidler

Funeral services for Frank were held on July 12, 2006, at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Milwaukee. Burial followed at Forest Home Cemetery. A reception was held at the Italian Community Center.

Some of the tributes offered to Frank can be viewed using the links below. You can click on any link to view a video clip (or you can download a clip to your computer by right-clicking on a link, then selecting "Save Target As"). The clips can be viewed using any video player that supports the WMV Windows Media format.

    Opening  (12.7 MB)

    Jeanne Zeidler, Daughter and Mayor of Williamsburg, VA  (20.9 MB)

    Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee  (27.7 MB)

    Charlotte Bleistein, Socialist Party  (12.3 MB)

    Arthur Saltzstein, Administrative Secretary, Zeidler Administration  (44.1 MB)

    Harrison Addison, Central North Community Council  (13.9 MB)

    John Gurda, Milwaukee Historian  (39.3 MB)

    Sermon by Reverend Ray Stubbe  (39.4 MB)

    Closing  (11.4 MB)

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